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Managing software development in any environment can be a challenge, and APPX is no exception. Keeping track of who is working on what, and what stage they are at can be time consuming process for a manager. For the designer, keeping track of what they have changed poses another problem, not to mention the possibility of two designers changing the same process unintentionally.

Application Auditor addresses this from both sides, by providing a method for designers to track their work, and for managers to look at the "big picture". There is even a facility for users to submit requests for changes. Email is used as a mechanism to notify users, managers and designers of the status of a task as it is worked on.

For designers, Application Auditor provides a method for them to record their work as they do it. This allows the system to warn them if another designer is also making changes to the same objects, and provides a much easier way for the changes to be design transferred from test to production. As a side benefit of this process, a complete record of changes to a process/file/field is built up over time, which gives a complete history of the object.

Major features of Application Auditor include:
  • Warns the designer if they are changing something that has been changed as part of another Task, but not yet transferred.

  • Object 'Tickers' to remind the designer of related changes that may be required, i.e., if you change this master file, you must also change its history file.

  • When transferring changes, an optional 'checklist' of files to create or restructure, or processes to run is produced.

  • Tight integration with Application Design. Application Auditor's major features are available via the Audit information button.

  • Automatic assignment of Release Numbers to your changes, using the release number on the Application Parameters record.

  • Various reporting and inquiry options so you can see the history of changes to an object.

  • An optional time tracking system to record the time spent on a Task.

  • An optional estimating feature which allows you to create a 'rough cut' estimate of a change.

  • If Email addresses are entered, an email interface updates designers and managers of changes to Task status, new requests, etc. (Linux servers only)

  • A Request Entry screen for users to directly enter change requests.
Release 6.0 adds some significant features and capabilities:
  • An 'Object Repository' where you can check in and check out changes to Processes, Files, Fields, Resources and Domains. Finally, APPX developers can have the same benefits as developers in other languages who use GIT or CVS!

  • Compatible with the latest APPX features, such as Table Widgets and the HTML client.

  • Automatic transfer of associated files when transfering Resources.

  • When Design Transferring changes, you can optionally have the processes compiled after the transfer, ensuring that they will run or failing that, quickly identifying any problems.

To learn more about Application Auditor, download the Feature Overview.


Application Auditor Source Code (Intel only)
Application Auditor Manual

There is also a development version, which has some preliminary work done to implement tables.

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