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This page describes the installation instructions and requirements for Application Auditor, Release 1.5.0.


You must have APPX Release 4.1.x or higher installed. This application is provided in the new 4.1 file format, and will not work with earlier releases of APPX.

You also need to have the appropriate lock on your Registration. To check this, follow this procedure:

1) From the main APPX menu, go to 3) System Administration, then 1) System Setup, 1) System Registration,

2) On the first registration screen, press Enter to get the list of licensed products on your system. Scroll down this list, looking for a Product Registration for Author CWL, Lock AAR.

If you do not see the CWL/AAR lock code, you will have to get one from us before proceeding. Send us an Email with your 20 digit verification code (from the first registration screen), and we will send back the lock code you need.

Make sure you have a current backup of both the Application Design and Database files used by Application Auditor.

Review Release Notes

Click here to see a list of all the changes made to Application Auditor since it's initial release. They are listed in date order, so you can see what's new since you installed your version.


Download either the RISC based version (for AIX, HP-UX, SUN, etc) or the Intel based version (for Windows, Linux, SCO, etc).


Follow the instructions in your Application Auditor manual to install the update. If you have misplaced the manual, here's the quick install instructions:

1) Copy the compressed AA2 file to the $APPXPATH//AA2/Data directory. $APPXPATH refers to the 'root' directory of APPX. This is normally set as part of installing APPX. The refers to the version you originally used when installing Application Auditor.

2) Uncompress the files as follows:

For RISC platforms (do this as either the root user or user 'APPX'):
# uncompress aa2tar
# tar xvf aa2tar
# chown APPX *
# chmod u+rw *
For Windows platforms:

For Linux platforms:
Use 'pkzip/ARK' or whatever tool you have for extracting ZIP files, or unzip it under Windows, then transfer the files to your Linux server. Remember to use binary transfers.

3) Create / Restructure Data Files
Depending on what release you are coming from, there may be new files required and/or restructures required. From the main APPX menu, choose 4) Database Management, and for each database you are using with Application Auditor, run both the 'Create Files' and 'Restructure Files' options.

If you encounter any problems with the upgrade, contact us.

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