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Just wanted to let you know, I installed Application Explorer this afternoon, and after playing with it for a bit, I must take the time to congratulate you on a fine product. Must be that Canadian Know How. Works just great, and it's exactly what I was looking for!!!
- Bob Gervais, Troxell Communications, Inc.

I bought Application Explorer and feel it is well worth the money. I have frequently searched for constants, for example, Error message text or Dates and PF Key references.
- Paul Kadue, Precision Associates

At first I heard from Jean that the Application Explorer was actually meant for people who take a look in unknown applications, but that later on it was useful to any developer of applications. I am a "now-and-then" developer, but I love the Application Explorer. Especially the ILF-search saved me lots and lots of time. Moreover, the finding of orphan programs etc. is very good. Keep on going with this product, Jean!
- Wim Jongejan, Jongejan & Wisseborn

Later Wim writes:

Regarding euro conversion:
I love your Application Explorer again! Without it, I think I would go crazy. Best buy! Looking forward to the new version!
- Wim Jongejan, Jongejan & Wisseborn.

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