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As you read this, hundreds of turnkey business applications are up and running right now under APPX. Virtually every business process is ready and waiting for your customization. General Ledger, Budget Analysis, General Subsidiary, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Commission Accounting, and Sales Analysis.

All of these applications are ready and written in APPX. All are easily modifiable and maintainable, offer unsurpassed security and functionality, and provide for a standardized interface. With APPX's 4GL technology and comprehensive applications, you put a powerful ally to work for your business.

Your Unique Requirements

APPX makes it easy to provide for your company's specialized requirements. Each application can be readily customized during initial installation, and promptly modified as your requirements evolve.

Security and Navigation

APPX security is comprehensive and easy to maintain. If you desire, security profiles can be defined to restrict user access to specific components of the system. To enhance the utility, easy-to-use operational assistance is uniformly available throughout the system. As an option, users can be permitted to access ad hoc reporting capabilities, such as the ability to modify report presentation, content, and processing options as reports are run.

Menu-Driven and Standardized Interface

All APPX business applications are menu-driven and include on-line documentation to the field level. Keyboard definitions and capabilities are uniform from application to application. All data is validated upon input, and standard error messages are consistent and easy to understand. Also, many error messages include individualized problem descriptions. This "family" approach to applications creates a standard interface that minimizes system user cost, learning curves, and cross-training.


Applications can stand alone or combine into complete, fully integrated accounting systems. Each application contains a Parameters master file with options for customization. For example, you may specify fiscal year and current period definitions, 12 or 13 period accounting, and the amount of history to be automatically maintained in a file. Applications operate in three distinct phases: Initial Setup, Live Operations, and Recovery Processing, with appropriate functionality and security established for each phase.

Transaction Processing

Data is input, journalized, and posted by Operator ID/Control Group, with optional control and hash totals for each group. This design permits multiple operators to input, journalize, and post data from the same file concurrently without conflict. Operational control group processing is recorded in a Transaction Control file for audit purposes. Rapid entry options provide an alternative to standard transaction entry. By requiring less data to be input, rapid entry hastens the entry process for routine transactions. Prior period and future period postings can be permitted. Each application's accounting period is closed independent of other applications in the system. A recurring master file stores data for routine transactions. A single option key generates transaction entry records based upon this file.

Audit Trails

Journals of entered data provide a thorough, detailed audit trail. General Ledger summaries by account are provided on each journal.

Design Commonalities

The account number structure is defined by the user, including the number of components and component names, lengths and positions. Parameter options adapt the function and operation of the software to satisfy the unique requirements of each installation. Transactions posted in any APPX application are optionally maintained by account and user-defined subsidiary code in the General Subsidiary application. This integration provides a general costing capability and a flexible extension of the account number structure. Inter-company transactions are tracked, and a report of these transactions is provided. Data from multiple companies can be combined into a single company prior to preparing consolidated financial statements.

Distribution & Inventory Modules

Accounting Modules

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