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APPX_SCRIPT_IN debugging

If you are using APPX_SCRIPT_IN to control an APPX session, here's a couple of tips you might find useful:

##WAIT <message-string>
##BEEP <message-string>
##PAUSE <seconds>

##WAIT will display the <message-string> in the status area and wait for you to press a key to continue.
##BEEP will do the same as ##WAIT, but it will ring the bell too.
##PAUSE just pauses for <seconds> seconds

When ##WAIT and ##BEEP are waiting for you, you can press any of the following keys:

E - exit the script, return control to the keyboard
C - continue running the script to completion (or the next ##WAIT/##BEEP)
P - pause the script (returns control to the keyboard until you press Ctrl-R, then the script continues)

You can also define an environment variable called "APPX_SCRIPT_STEP=1" and APPX will step through the script. In step-mode, APPX will display the next option in the status area and wait for you to press any of the above keys, or just press Enter to process the next line from the script in file..

Also note that you can refer to environment variables in the script. For example, instead of hard-coding a database ID, you can refer to the variable. In Unix, use $<variablename>, and under NT, use #$<variablename> in your APPX_SCRIPT_IN file. To set your environment variables use export <variablename>='some value' under Unix and set <variablename>='some value' under NT. These must be set before invoking APPX.

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