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Horizontal/Vertical Guides in the Image Editor

One of the problems with APPXs design approach is that you dont see the header and details at the same time. If you are trying to line up headings and columns on a scrolling Input, or an Output, it can be awkward.

Guides (introduced in 4.1) are designed to help with this problem. The next time you need to line up details and headings, choose Vertical Guide from the right click menu while you are in the detail image. This will place a vertical line on your image. You can drag it anywhere you want, and you can place additional guides to mark the positions of your fields. Now exit the detail frame and go to the header image. The guides are still there, showing you exactly where your detail fields are, making alignment a simple matter. The guides will stay on the image until you exit the session, or you can drag them off to the side when you have finished with them.

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