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Importing Text Data Into APPX

The usual method for importing data into APPX is to format the data into fixed width fields, define a consecutive file that matches this definition, copy the file to the proper subdirectory, and then write an UPDATE to move fields from the import file to the target directory. On this page, we discuss an alternate way to import data without using a consecutive file.

'Use Query' Workaround for INPUTS

There are many times when it would be useful to constrain an Input process by a Query, but this is still not supported. Here's a nifty workaround (courtesy of Bruce Johnson): Let the Query run as per usual, but have the results fed to an UPDATE that simply writes the primary keys to a memory file. Use that memory file as the PCF in an INPUT process. The INPUT just needs one frame that calls the original input as an Automatic Process, and Voila!, we have an input constrained by a query. You could make this frame a scrolling frame, so the user can see at a glance all the records that met the Query criteria.


In a JOB, there is a subtle difference between using this in the Pre-Invocation vs. the Post- Invocation Event point of a job step. If you set this to "N" in the Pre-Invocation EP, then APPX will skip that job step, and continue with the next job step. However, if you set it in the Post- Invocation job step, APPX will skip all the remaining job steps completely, effectively ending the JOB.

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