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Menu 'Shortcuts'

Normally, APPX applications are created with a hierarchy of menus that a user must navigate thru to accomplish any given task. What if the user could enter a 'shortcut' name for the process they wanted to run, directly on any menu? This would save them time & keystrokes, as they wouldn't have to drop back 3 menus to find something they wanted. This page discusses a technique for setting up these menu 'shortcuts'.

Menus in 4.1

You’ve got 4.1 installed, and now you’re wondering what to do first to take advantage of the new GUI features. Why not start with your application menus? Menus can be radically redesigned under 4.1, and the new format would probably allow you to replace the half dozen menus in the typical application with just one new menu. By using pull down menus with cascading options, you can have all the options appear on one menu, making it easier to navigate your application. This page gives you step by step instructions.

Monitoring Open Files - GUI Version

This program is a somewhat simplified version of one of the programs in the BJUtils suite. It has been updated for Release 4.1 and serves as a example of the new GUI programming techniques, as well as being a useful tool for NT installations. Both documentation and software are available.

Multi-line Labels (HTML in Labels) – 4.2 Only

APPX doesn’t directly support multi-line labels, so if you want to have a 2 row heading on your image, you usually put two single row labels. However, there is a better way, since Labels understand HTML.

Draw a 2 row label on an image and specify “<html>Product<br>Number</html>” as the label text. This will display on two rows, just as we wanted. There are other HTML commands that can be used, for example “<html><B>Product<br><U>Number</html>” will bold the heading and underline the word “Number”.

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