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Application Explorer Release 2.0 is shipping!

Release 2.0 of our Application Explorer product is ready. This version includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved Search capability that allows you to search by ILF verb and constant, i.e., find all the REWRITE CUSTOMER statements

  • A Data Dictionary compare utility that would allow you to identify the Data Dictionary differences between 2 versions of an application.

  • Improved support for the Java Client. Scrolling Screens automatically take advantage of displays with more than 21 rows.

  • Tighter Integration with Application Design. You can drill down to a process in Application Design directly from anywhere within Application Explorer.
Pricing is still $999 USD, or $1,400 CDN.

Year 2000 Utilities Now Available

Our Application Auditor 2000 product contains powerful tools for checking your applications for Y2K compliance. We have decided to package these tools separately to make it easier for those users that need the Y2K component, but may not need everything else Application Auditor has to offer. For more information on the Y2K tools, download the Application Auditor feature guide in MS Word format, and check the section on Y2K Compliance.

Pricing is $1,500 US ($2,175 CDN) per CPU, regardless of the number of users or designers you have on your system.

Certified APPX Consultants: Contact us if you want to use this utility to convert your customers applications.

Application Explorer Enhanced

The results are in, and we have decided to package & release our Application Explorer product. It is available immediately, and can be a useful tool for new APPX programmers as well as experienced Designers. We have recently enhanced the product to include the capability to search your design files for constants.

Pricing is $999 US or $1,400 CDN per CPU, regardless of the number of users or designers you have on your system. This also includes the first year's enhancements.

CANSYS Does Conversions...
Are You Ready for Y2K?

We have recently completed successful Year 2000 Conversions for COMARCO, Inc and The Bacova Guild. Using the tools available in Application Auditor 2000 and our proven conversion methodology, we were able to quickly identify the changes required, and implement them within the clients required time frame and budget. The conversion for The Bacova Guild was further complicated by the fact that their in-house designers continued to modify the applications while CANSYS was updating a different version of the same applications for Year 2000 compliance. Since The Bacova Guild purchased Application Auditor 2000, we were able to identify all the changes performed by the in house staff and merge them with the Y2K version with ease.

If you need assistance in dealing with the Y2K problem, contact us.

Application Auditor 2000 Now Checks for Y2K Compliance!

Our Application Auditor 2000 product is now available. This tool provides a framework and methodology for project reporting, development, testing, and implementation in APPX environments. Projects can be requested by users, then estimates can be created and submitted as projects. Tasks for each project can be assigned to different designers and individually tracked and documented on Project Worksheets. Finally Task Worksheets are used for user sign off and the automatic Design File Transfer of the Domains, Files, Fields and Processes that were modified as part of the related Project and Task.

A feature just added allows you to use Application Auditor to check your applications for Year 2000 Compliance! Download the demo guide from the Application Auditor 2000 page for more details.

CANSYS Finishes in Top 5!

In an event sponsored by Droege Computing, a team consisting of Jean Neron from CANSYS West and Alain Pominville from Conseiller Informatique Sextant placed in the top 5 in the 1996 RAD Developers Competition. This is an annual competition that tests the capability of RAD development tools. Competitors are given the specifications for a 'real world' application at 8:00am, and have until 9:00pm the same day to finish the application.

This was our first time in the competition, and it was an eye opening experience. We had reviewed the previous years competitions, and thought, "This isn't so hard". The reality of having to actually create the application within the time limits was a different experience, however.

Nonetheless, we were pleased to finish as well as we did.

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