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The 'Swiss Army Knife' of utilities, Application Explorer is a collection of programs that we have developed to extend the built in functionality of the APPX utilities. If you are using APPX 3.5 or greater, then these utilities integrate with the APPX Application Design environment so that whenever you see a process name on the screen in Application Explorer you can drill down to the actual process in Application Design.

Application Explorer integrates smoothly with the Application Design environment. The look and feel are the same as the 0AD Application, and via an optional Hook process, Application Explorer is available from the Audit Info display (see screen shot at left)

You don't often need a tool like Application Explorer, but when you need it, you really need it. Read what some of our customers have to say about it.

Explore Processes

The Explore Processes category contains utilities that help you understand the relationships between processes. In all cases, while viewing the list of processes you have the ability to drill down to the actual process in Application Design (APPX 3.5+ required).


The Search category includes utilities for searching your design files for certain constants (Reference to PF keys in a message or on a screen, for example) or for a combination of a constant and an ILF verb. In this context, a constant could also be a field name, so you could search for all REWRITEs that reference the CUSTOMER file, or all COMPUTE's that reference the EMPLOYEE GROSS PAY field.


The Compare DD utility will compare the Data Dictionaries between 2 different versions of the same application. This can be useful when you want to compare the dictionaries between development & production versions to see what has changed.

Other - Disk Usage Report

This option allows you to select a database and/or application, and prints a report that shows you where each file is located on your system, and how much disk space it is using. This is extremely useful for those installations that make extensive use of FMS groups to place files in different file systems or drives. It's easy to lose track of where everything is, and how much space it occupies. This report also allows you to sort by FMS group so you can see what databases and applications are stored in a particular FMS group.

New Version - 9/15/21

Application Explorer has been updated to use tables instead of scrolling screens in all inputs. This is a little more flexible and more responsive than the older scrolling screens.

Note that the screen shots in the manual still show the old scrolling screens, and that will probably never change.


Application Explorer Source Code (Intel only)
Application Explorer Manual

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