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Commission Accounting
The APPX Commission Accounting application collects, maintains and processes commission data. It generates historical analyses of both commissions and salesperson performance.

Inventory Control
Ultimate profitability depends on fast and effective inventory management. Inventory Control by APPX is an integrated, productive approach to this complex activity.

Order Entry
Order Entry by APPX can be a strategic tool in providing high quality client support. It affords immediate access to customer, inventory and order data - with the individualized processing capabilities and customer communications to satisfy any level of demand.

Purchase Order Control
Purchase Orders by APPX brings order to an otherwise chaotic process. By simplifying the purchasing process, it provides the framework you need for information-based decision making.

Sales Analysis
Ready access to information, product profitability, customer activity, individual and regional performance, and lost sales volume can mean everything to a company. Sales Analysis by APPX puts this level of critical knowledge at your fingertips.

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