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Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable by APPX brings order to cash flow management, providing the information and flexibility to control individual expenditures.

Accounts Receivable
Understanding all aspects of your outstanding receivables, and analyzing individual and overall performance are the major components of cash flow management. Accounts Receivable by APPX makes this possible.

Budget Analysis
Budget Analysis by APPX provides the powerful budget-creation, manipulation and reporting capabilities you require.

Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets by APPX provides for the maintenance and reporting of asset depreciation and contract amortization. The application is designed to calculate and print depreciation schedules and reports based on data entered through file maintenance programs.

General Ledger
Detailed, organized data is the basis for evaluating past performance, discovering potential problems, and developing strategic plans. General Ledger by APPX provides the flexible access to relevant, current data required for effective and meaningful action.

General Subsidiary
Operating a business demands precise attention to detail. The challenge is balancing the need for detailed data with demands for simple, streamlined information systems and then remaining responsive to change. General Subsidiary by APPX can help.

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