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Application Auditor Release 1.5.0 Available

Release 1.5.0 of Application Auditor is now available, and is free for all registered users. This update requires Release 4.1.x or higher of APPX, and takes advantage of some of the new APIs provided by that release. Click on the link above to get to the download and installation instructions.

This is intended to be a 'catch up' update to allow our users to bring themselves up to the current version of Application Auditor. This is the last release that will run under either character mode or GUI. The next version (Release 2.0.0) will require 4.1 (possibly 4.2) and the Java Client. Character mode and Presentation Manager will no longer be supported. This will allow us to take full advantage of the GUI features offered by APPX, such as large scrolling text fields and linking external documents to requests.

In addition to the new GUI look, we are also planning some functional enhancements, such as flagging APPX objects with a reminder message (i.e., when you change the ORDER table, make sure you change the ORDER HISTORY table), automatic release number tracking, drill down into Application Design, among others.


APPX Software, Inc has now officially started their APPX/Linux promotion. Anyone can get a free single user/single designer version of APPX for Linux. It is also featured on the RedHat download page. This free version, which includes a sample application, in conjunction with the Application Design tutorial is an excellent way to learn what APPX can do for you. Follow the link above for all the details.

4.1 Patch for Application Auditor

If you are running Application Auditor, and are planning to convert to APPX version 4.1, you will need this patch. The Application Parameter record has a non existent menu set up as Direct Process 2. In release 4.1, APPX will try to make the Direct Process 1/2 menus into pulldown menus in the application, and since the menu specified does not exist, you will get an error message instead of the AA2 menu.

The solution is to install a new Application Parameter record that does not have a Direct Process 2 menu specified. This link has the patch for Intel based systems, and this link has the patch for Risc based systems.

To install the patch, make a copy of the existing PARAM.dat file, and then save this PARAM.dat in it's place. The file will be located in your $APPXPATH/<ver>/AA2/Data directory, where $APPXPATH is the root location of your APPX installation, and is the version you have installed AA2 under.

You can install this patch prior to installing 4.1, if you prefer.

'CAT' and 'MAILX' source code released

For many years, we have given away the 'cat' and 'mailx' utilities that allow users to email reports by pressing Option 7 while viewing a report. However, they didn't always work under thin client installations of APPX, so we've decided to release the source code in the hopes that some bright individual can sort it out. 'cat' can be downloaded here, and 'mailx' can be downloaded here.

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